• B&B A Casa Mia (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • Residence Antico Borgo (Bergamo, Città Bassa)
  • B&B Bombyx (Bergamo, Città Bassa)
  • B&B Cascina Brasile (Calcinate, Bg)
  • Casetta nel Bosco (Casazza, Bg)
  • Castello degli Angeli (Carobbio degli Angeli, Bg)
  • Castello di Lurano (Lurano, Bg)
  • Dimora dei Tasso (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • B&B Dimora del riccio (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • Fontana del Delfino (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • GIO'EL B&B (Bergamo, Città Bassa)
  • I due Camini (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • B&B Il Posto delle Rose (Almenno San Salvatore, Bg)
  • Il Pozzo (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • B6B Il Santo Pellegrino (Adrara San Rocco, Bg)
  • B&B Io e Caterina (Bergamo, Città Bassa)
  • La Contradella (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • La Rosa Scarlatta (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • Casa vacanza Le tre Isole (Parzanica, Bg)
  • Luxury Home Holidays (Bergamo, Città Alta)
  • Magazzeno del fieno e paglia (Bergamo, Città Bassa)
  • Mura-Upon a Hill (Cisano Bergasco, Bg)
  • Palazzo Vitalba (Bergamo, Città Bassa)
  • Polisena "L'altro Agriturismo" (Pontida, Bg)
  • Resort degli Angeli (Carobbio degli Angeli, Bg)
  • Stile Libero (Orio al Serio, Bg)
  • B&B Torre del Parco (Stezzano, Bg)
  • Up Town B'n'B (Bergamo, Città Alta)
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The Bergamo Charme trademark stands for quality, non-hotel tourist accommodation. It highlights the architectural and cultural heritage of the Bergamo area, featuring tourist accommodation in noteworthy buildings such as country manors, villas and historical residences, as well as apartments in exceptional urban contexts. There are a variety of solutions to meet every accommodation need: from bed and breakfast inns to holiday rentals of rooms or apartments, to holiday farms.


Bergamo Upper Town

Sleeping in the Upper City you will enjoy the enchanting medieval town atmosphere. Città Alta is enclosed in intact 16th century Venetian walls, all cradled within the refreshingly green setting of the Park of the Hills. On foot you will discover not only magnificent monuments, but quaint cobblestone lanes winding past centuries-old houses. The ancient city spreads out into characteristic streets that reach the lower dynamic city with its smart shops, museums and the Donizetti theatre.


Bergamo Lower City

The bustling modern town is also a good place to stay. Apart from the enchanting views on the walled ancient town, Bergamo Bassa has attractive shopping streets and is well connected to Orio al Serio international airport, with the nearby vast Oriocenter shopping centre. Gastronomy is yet another reason to appreciate the Bergamo territory with its abundant traditional products guaranteed by top quality brand names. Enjoy tempting salamis and cold cuts, not to mention a wide variety of excellent cheeses made with Alpine milk. And of course, the Valcalepio, Colleoni and Scanzo wines produced in the hill region. For a list of selected restaurants, see the Restaurants of the… Thousand flavours.


Province of Bergamo

The province of Bergamo will amaze you for its variety. After exploring Upper Bergamo, one of Lombardy's most fascinating locations, rich in history and culture, take the time to discover the its surroundings that will amaze you with their mountains, gentle hills and beautiful lakes.

The province is cradled by what are known as the Bergamo Alps (Orobie), offering countless excursions to mountain refuges and camps. The Sentiero delle Orobie trail is a high altitude route allowing hikers to travel the breathtakingly beautiful mountains in seven or eight days.

The mountains slope downward into an area of rolling hills, then onward to the plains, dotted with imposing castles such as Malpaga and Brignano. The Caravaggio sanctuary and Sotto il Monte, the birthplace of Pope John XXIII, are noteworthy places of religious importance.

Lake Iseo, of glacial origin, is one of Lombardy's famous lakes where you will find Italy's largest lake island. The lake teems with trout and pike, while its shores produce a superb olive oil. The smaller Lake Endine is surrounded by lush reeds and tiny beaches and freezes over if the winter is cold enough.